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When it comes to Turn-based Role-Playing games, no game comes close to Summoners War. Like million others, if you are also a fan of this anime-style competitive mobile game, this guide is just what you are looking for.

The top tips and tricks to master this one-of-a-kind game are discussed below. So, for an enjoyable and effective gaming experience, do keep on reading!

1. Advantages of joining a guild

Even though the game goal is simple, which is battling for the Mana Crystals, the gameplay can get difficult if proper strategies are not in place. Most players’ sole focus is going for as much of this vital resource. However, veteran players can vouch that the entire process will be fast-paced once you join a guild. This is mainly because players can get access to Guild Rewards which can smoothen their gaming experience.

In a guild, not only do you get to join in a battle with other guilds, but you will also get the opportunity to be a part of sieges. This is how you acquire Guild Points which can be used to get access to many critical and valuable rewards.

Many beginners make the mistake of sending a request to join a high-level or powerful guild. But your chance of getting into such a guild at an early stage in Summoners War is quite low. Hence, do consider joining a low-level guild first and take your time to get to a high level. Once you have reached a high level, make the switch to a high-level guild to enjoy more Guild Rewards.

2. Consider buffing up with skill ups

Having trouble surviving even with decent runes and monsters? If your answer to this question is a “Yes”, consider skilling them up to use them advantageously to progress quickly. This is one of the biggest problems that beginners deal with. So, your first order of business should be skilling up with the help of family monsters.

Pro Tip: Go for the family monsters that are easiest to obtain.

3. Importance of rune farming

Runes play a major role in the Summoners War. Here are the different runes that you will encounter in this thrilling competitive game:

* Vampire

* Despair

* Fatal

* Energy

* Rage

* Swift

* Endure

* Blade

You need to find these runes and use them effectively and strategically to ensure your Nat 4 and Nat 5 monsters are as strong as they were designed to be.

When working with runes, here is what all beginners need to take into consideration:

* Keep your focus on your multipliers

* Pay attention to your 6, 4, and 2 slot

* On your 6, 4, and 2, go % boost and not flat stat boost

* The only flat stat boost to get is Speed

4. Building a team that works

If you want to progress like a pro in this popular role-playing game, consider setting up a team that gels well. This is crucial for all players as it is one of the easiest and most-effective ways to progress smoothly and quickly in this top-grossing mobile game.

Here is what you need to do to ensure your chances of survival increase massively:

* Do not load up all your bets on only one monster

* Do not load up all your bets on one type/kind of monster

The trick to selecting a good team member is estimating their role as a group member and not as an individual. Your team should have the following:

* Ability to strip bosses’ buffs

* Speed/Attack Buff

* Damage Dealer

* Healer

Pro Tip: Do not have 2 of the same buff as buffs in Summoners War do not stack.

5. Avoiding Food Monster

Most beginners are unaware that a huge chunk of monsters are not worth upgrading or levelling up as they do not provide any long-term benefits. Hence, knowing which monsters to concentrate on is required to improve your gameplay. You need to take your time to understand everything about the monsters that are designed for this game. Only then you will be able to pinpoint Food Monsters which are designed for the end game Player Vs Player. As they are only good for end game content, do not waste your valuable resources on them.

Now that you are familiar with some must-known Summoners War tips and tricks, what are you waiting for? If you have already mastered the game mechanics, applying all the above-mentioned tips will be effective and easy. So, try them out and see how your gaming experience gets elevated to a whole new level.