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    March 9, 2023

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Fortnite brings you a 100-player face-off gaming experience. The gameplay is everything but dull as it has combined the combat theme with other thrilling game elements including crafting, shootouts, looting, and just utter chaos. This massive worldwide hit will get quickly competitive and you need to be quick on your feet in strategizing and executing your moves to come out as the champion.

Want to learn the secrets for overcoming the game's challenging gameplay like a pro? Great! Just keep on reading as next are some pros' favorite tips, tricks, and strategies that helped them to advance faster and smoother than their competition in the vast virtual world offered by Fortnite.

1. Avoid direct contests with other players

As a beginner, your goal should be finding a landing spot that is not at all crowded. Even if you land in a spot where another player has landed, you are already under immense risk. It can be Game Over for you if that other player is much more experienced than you. Besides, luck plays a big part in the gameplay as well. Suppose you are the strongest player in that match, yet, if the other player picks up a shotgun or any other weapon faster than you, you will not stand a chance. Thus, ensure you are looking around to find the right landing spot.

Give yourself the chance to get an overview of other players' locations before making the jump. This is one of the best ways to avoid one-on-one combat as much as possible and last longer. Try to target heavy loot locations as your landing spot that most players are unaware of.

Here are the worst and best landing spots for all beginners for a smoother gaming experience:

Landing Spot To Avoid: Houses with a maximum of 2-floor drop for loot and only 1 chest

Landing Spot To Go For: Houses with at least a 6-floor drop for loot and around 3 or more chests

2. End the fight as quickly as possible

Avoiding players may seem easy to do. However, as you get more involved in the gameplay, it will become quite difficult. You will encounter other players, all ready to end your progress mercilessly. So, if you find yourself in a contest, the wise move will be to end it as fast as possible. Your goal should be to be as aggressive as possible. Do not waste any time and attack with whatever you have as a single surprise jump or attack from the other player can eliminate your chance in the game.

Once you play Fortnite for a few days, you will see that the first five zones play a significant role in your gameplay. Try to keep yourself fixed in the middle in all zones. This is the easiest way to be within the next upcoming zone.

3. Try rotating with the zone

You can avoid being aggressive during the early and mid stages of Fortnite as much as possible to proceed. However, if you want to win big, you have to change up your gameplay and be extra aggressive during the end stage. This holds true more when at the end a large number of players are left.

Keep your eye out for the next zone, and as soon as you see it coming, get moving. You should consider this move even if the zone is pulling from your end. The trick is to avoid keeping the zone towards your back. This will make avoiding other players and breaking through builds easier and more effective. Thus, staying ahead in the zone and moving with it is crucial no matter what; a go-to trick used by all pro-Fortnite players.

Fortnite has risen to the level of a pop culture phenomenon because of its exciting and engaging gameplay. So, the huge flow of new players every day is nothing surprising. However, this is increasing the competitive theme of this addicting game. If you are a beginner looking for a way to make a powerful impact in Fortnite from the get-go, then the above-mentioned tips, tricks, and strategies are exactly what you need to know. But before ending this detailed pros’ guide - Practice playing as much as possible to gain solid control over the game's premises and mechanics. Once you get the hang of this game, winning it will become easy as well.